Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are step-up vehicles, based on the tricycle, that have a motorcycle and a sidecar. In connection with this, it was in 1893 that the first quadracycle was built. It was conceptualized and promoted as a horseless carriage for road use. Most of the parts and accessories that was integrated in the first quad bikes came from the bike. During this period, eight years have passed since the first motorcycle has been developed in Germany.

If converted for road use, the quad bike can be a convenient and sturdy transport for short distance travels. It is ideal in narrow and winding streets as well as rough country roads. Buggy type transports like the road quad are safe training vehicles for children who want to learn to drive four-wheel vehicles. There are different types of quad bikes in use today like those modified models for motocross racing. The road legal quads also exist in the United Kingdom which are allowed to travel in roads like cars, buses, and motorcycles.


The road legal quad bike became popular with drivers and riders because of a number of appealing features and advantages.

  • It has the looks of a modern motorcycle and sturdiness of a car.
  • Fuel efficiency, performance, and speed comparable to small electric cars.
  • Capable of negotiating traffic congested roads and fits in to narrow alleys for faster movement in urban centers.
  • Lower price tag and maintenance cost compared to a full-size car with bigger engine.

Road Requirements

With these enticing features come strict rules and guidelines imposed by the government to ensure that owners of road legal quads drive their vehicles safely. The essential requirements for quad bikes to be a road quad are:

  • Lights and number plates
  • The vehicle must be taxed
  • It must have an MOT
  • It should be registered


There are versions of quad bikes that can be used for utilities like agricultural ATVs and winter maintenance solutions. The ATV as it is also known comes in racing models, which are customized for desert racing, hill climbing, and cross country. Majority of the quad bikes in these categories are called off road quads and have 4×4 wheels, good suspension, lightweight, and high power. The engines being employed for this application can reach up to 250cc, and light duty ATVs come as 50cc quadbike.

Manufacturers of off road and road quad bikes specialize on various types of ATVs. Some focus on snowmobiles and watercrafts. There are also manufacturers that focus on sport models while producing motorcycles also for sports, as well as commercial use. The big names in snowmobiles that also produce quad bikes are Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Bombardier. Those who are known in the motorcycle industry and have also produced quad bikes are Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Kymco, Kawasaki, etc. They have been competing for bigger market share in many parts of the world.

Best Deals

Quad bikes for sale can be brand new ones or those that are second hand. People who need quad bikes as a necessity will shop for models that are made of durable materials and not necessary cheap. On the other hand, there are riders who are looking for a cheap quad bike and normally search for outlets and dealerships that have used and second hand quads in their inventory. Previously owned quad bikes can be the best deals provided that they are in good condition and come with a considerable warranty from the dealer. On the other hand, brand new quads may it be road legal quads or off road quads come with a full warranty and quad bike insurance.

Here is some quad bike fun!

Safety Concerns

Like conventional vehicles, there are issues associated with quad bikes especially for road and road legal quad bikes. Unlike other four-wheel vehicles that are enclosed and much bigger, quad bikes offer very little protection for riders. There have been lots of injuries as well as deaths associated with the quad. For this reason, safety organizations initiated some steps to prevent further accidents involving owners and users of quad bikes. Aside from the use of protective gear, standard safety procedures have also been encouraged and formulated. Training curriculum has also been devised to help new drivers become more proficient with their tiny road legal quad bike. Aside from wearing protective equipment and undergoing basic training, drivers of quad bikes have to abide to certain rules.

  • Must wear a quality crash helmet.
  • Should be 17 years of age and above.
  • Have a full driving license (in UK).
  • Have appropriate certificate of motor insurance.

Bottom line

Quad bikes are originally intended for rugged surfaces but have been converted for road use. The ultimate goal of quad bike manufacturers is to push the capability of their quads to the extreme because of the product’s versatility in many terrains. Quad bike reviews have specified the technical advantages of quad bike models in terms of design and engine made. They have also listed various accessories and upgrades that owners can do with their little four-wheeled babies. I personally want to ride a quad in remote country alleys but not on highways and wide country roads. Even with protective gear, quad bike riders are at a disadvantage on various streets especially on fast lanes.

As the four-wheel cousin of the motorcycle, the quad bike is an innovation that is both ingenious and grand. It can be considered as a toy for the big boys by some but a machine of crucial usefulness for others. Racers consider quad bikes as tough little machines that conquer rugged tracks. However, riders look at them, quad bikes will continuously attract different types of consumers. Innovative quad bike manufacturers will specially get a bigger share of the market as they continue to upgrade their models. It is also encouraging to know that standards for safety have been developed for users of quad bikes. It is a good move that producers of quad bikes cooperated with safety agencies. It is in their best interest to ensure the safety of their customers. Safety standards do not only improve the road worthiness of quad bikes but also enhance its reputation, which is imperative for an increase in sales.  Also it’s always a good idea to look into motorbike breakdown cover options and see what they can do for your quad bike, since this isn’t very common item to insure.

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